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America’s shame–our debt to service members is still shamefully unpaid

August 15th, 2011

PLEASE READ THIS VIDEO DESCRIPTION. When I watch this, I’m speechless, and tearful. This video is not mine–I found it elsewhere, and don’t know the creator or copyright owners. ***YOUTUBE: PLEASE DON’T TAKE THE VIDEO OR SOUNDTRACK DOWN. I have NOT submitted it for revenue sharing, but simply as a patriotic public service. Please respect that and leave the video up.*** Some military action is both abhorrent and necessary–I’m both old and young enough to know that. But we in modern America have forgotten the cost. In our video-game, media-saturated, narcissistic society of today, war has become just another policy football, just another budget wrangle. When Pearl Harbor was bombed, both businesses and the government urged civilians to conserve, to recycle, to contribute money (in taxes and war bonds), and to grow their own food. When the World Trade Centers were leveled, the government told us to go about our business, and that the most patriotic thing we could do was go out and consume more. My father was a marine in Vietnam, my uncle one in Korea, but they’ve never talked much about it. But after having two young daughters, and then losing one of my favorite students during his first month in Baghdad, war has become very personal for me. This video perfectly conveys one of the greatest costs of war–the separation of families. Particularly of parents and young children, who need their parent more at that time than at any other time of life. War is necessary at times

SEO Company Offering Link Building Service

April 28th, 2011 is your one stop source for outsourcing your SEO campaigns. We are a Canada based SEO company offering wide range of SEO Services stating from SEO content writing to link building. Visit our SEO Company site to browse though the list of SEO Services that are currently available. We are constantly researching the market to find out methods that work to get your site ranked high and make them available to you. We work with you to develop your site with 100% unique SEO friendly content and promote your site using our SEO Services. We recently added Monthly Link Building packages to our mix of Link Building Service so that you don’t have to work hard on generating the required backlinks day after day, month after month. We do the link building for you on a constant basis. Outsource your link building project to us and experience the difference.

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Mall Link Web Linking Service

March 24th, 2011 Shopping mall links and website linking service that gets you quality web links, targeted traffic and higher search engine rankings & positions. Authority links can help grow your business and drive new customers to your business. Quality web linking from one of the web’s MOST POPULAR marketing & advertising companies on the internet!

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Facebook Advertising for Elder Care and Senior Service Businesses

February 16th, 2011 888-404-1513, Marketing Home Care on Facebook? Marketing Assisted Living on Facebook? Find out if Facebook advertising is for you and how to make the most out of your ads.

Get your product or service or event sponsored by corporations and non profits

October 30th, 2010 – enter your name and email to find out all about this amazing training program. Find out why Brendon has Paula Abdul seeking meetings with him, and Tony Robbins showing up to his closed door seminars…..

How to Use Twitter to market your product or service

August 3rd, 2010

Twitter is a powerful force in the game of social media and I am ready to reveal a top secret strategy on how to use Twitter for marketing your own product, opportunity or service online. A leader of my tips to use social media for marketing is that you have to make chatty! Not like Google where people are looking for something to buy or solutions to their problems and are waiting to be sold, Twitter marketing is a good deal different. You must understand that people are there to discuss and meet people and you have to mold your message in what they talk about to be successful with marketing twitter. Thus, a method for the mammoth marketing on Twitter is to understand what others speak and give them an answer to their dilemma informally with a link to your website solution. For example: If you sell a product search schemes for people who talk need to lose weight and response to their tweet saying something along the lines of “I just lost 15 pounds by simply taking the summer. website here … I recommend using the link shortener called Su. PR shorten and put my links on Twitter. Just type Su. PR on google and you find it. The best is this tool is free use and tracks your clicks. Strong and Free! a powerful tool for monazite trafficking and much success with this traffic is free to send people on a blog where the conversation continues and provide an examination or soft sell in the blog. A blog is a great tool to promote relationships, building trust, and then offer your goods after further dialogue. I want to warn you that on social media sites, you must provide value and be the conversation! direct sales as you drive traffic to paid sites simply do not cut it. It’s a completely different platform and you should value. People hate spam and will not be up with her on Twitter! However, if you provide value and solutions to their problems, they will love you and re-tweet tweet you! When people re-tweet your link, it is powerful because it is like get a recommendation from them and their friends find it too. We all know how powerful references are in any sales situation and re-tweets will go to all their followers on twitter, it may be a significant tactic for Use of Twitter for marketing: This is a strategy to meet the giant tweets using @ theirusername can give your solution. This answers for people and they can click on personal tweets I hope you have taken vision of what mehod generate traffic from Twitter and apply today!

Use Twitter for Marketing a great way to generate traffic, leads and sales and increase your online business! For a free training video on how to automate this visit Tactic Twitter: Twitter traffic SecretsNow!
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Fort Lauderdale Internet Marketing Service

July 12th, 2010 A Fort Lauderdale Internet Marketing Service providing Advanced Internet Marketing Services and Pay Per Click Campaign Management in the Fort Lauderdale area.

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June 25th, 2010


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Video Submission Service – Are You Using The Right One?

June 6th, 2010 | When using the right video submission service you need to make sure of a few different things. Number one Make sure you are getting the best possible price out there for the service, Number two: Make sure there is a phone number you can call and a real person answers the contact information! I found this to be true after personally talking with Cyndi when I called. The piece of software is called Easy Bush Button Traffic with Cyndi Parker and Willie Crawford. For only $1.00 they let you sign up and give it a go at:

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Twitter Marketing Service

April 17th, 2010 ……. Rise Up! has a successful Twitter marketing service that helps all types of clients accomplish their goals on the web.

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